Tangier, Morocco to honor the great traveler Ibn Battuta through 2nd International Festival

ibn battuta

Festive music and colorful ambiance will describe Tangier in the Kingdom of Morocco as it marks the second offering of the Ibn Battuta 2nd International Festival on November 9-12, 2017.

The festival promotes the theme “Travelers, Ambassadors of Peace” as it targets the young and aspiring travelers all over the world. According to the organizer of the international event, Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta (AMARIB), the festival is being organized to delve into the contribution of Ibn Battuta as a traveler and a catalyst of peace between different nations. The festival would like to serve as a platform for the travelers, and key officials and performers in the sectors of cultural development and tourism for bringing opportunities in building stronger cooperation in businesses and cultural development.

According to the Honorary President of AMARIB, Mohamed Dekkak, the second edition of the International Festival of Ibn Battuta is more dedicated to encouraging the travelers to learn the lessons and discoveries of Ibn Battuta during his voyage. The association also wants to preserve and pay to homage the genuineness and diversity of the Moroccan culture and tradition.

The celebration of the second festival will expose the city of Tangier as a favorite spot for business tourism and investments. The traveler Ibn Battuta was born in the town of Tangier, and this is the reason why the port city is considered the best venue for the commemoration. Aside from the fact that Tangier is the birthplace of Ibn Battuta, it is also regarded as a link between the continents of Europe and Africa.

Ibn Battuta became one of the most famous world travelers when he traveled around the world for nearly 30 years by land and by sea. Though his journey, he had made connections and discovered different philosophies and standard of living as well as the ethnicities of the people in other parts of the globe.

The accounts that Ibn Battuta has made is a precious gift that was engraved in the Moroccan history and education. AMARIB would like to live out the life of Ibn Battuta by inviting the travelers to discover the city of Tangier and also build relations with the participants who are coming from a different race and land and bring them together through street arts and enjoyable activities such as music and dance festivals.

At this time, the association is calling for interested volunteers to submit proposals on how they will contribute to the success of the festival. AMARIB is also looking for sponsors and partners who will support the association in fulfilling the requirements of the festival.
With the intention to provide the best experience for the visitors and participants, the organization has improved the program by requesting high-ranked entities and commissions from the government of Morocco and different countries. Famous Moroccan and international artists will also participate in the festival.

Film showing and dramatic play are also included in the program of the festival. The presentation will primarily cover the life of Ibn Battuta and the traditions in Morocco. A carnival promoting the rich culture and tradition of Morocco will stimulate the minds and the eyes of the guests and participants. A gala dinner and awards night is also part of the program for networking and giving acknowledgment to the famous names who contributed in preserving the Moroccan culture and artistry.

The upcoming festival is expected to highlight Tangier’s allure and set its position in the international level of tourism and as a hub for new business opportunities.

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