Ibn Battuta the most successful traveller in the history

Ibn Battuta was one of the most famous travellers, who visited more countries than any other person of that time. He visited 100 countries on three continents. At those times there was less affordability, and people avoid to such kind of things, but still, Ibn Battuta travels the world. He is the man who made history.

One should buy his book Rihla, in which his travel is described in a beautiful way. Reading that book will take you to those places.

Life and career of Ibn e Battuta:

He was born in Morocco. Known there as shams ad din. He belongs from the family of Berber origin. They have a tradition of service as a judge. That’s why Ibn Battuta also takes his degree in law.

Ibn Battuta chooses to travel the world when he was 21 years old. He first decided to travel Mecca; this took more than sixteen months to reach there. He mostly covers the distance by land. He joined different caravans in travelling due to security reasons. Those days was not safe enough to travel alone, so he usually joins different caravans.

Started his travel by exploring middle east first. Sailed the red sea to reach Mecca. He also crossed huge deserts to reach Iraq and Iran. His efforts are appreciable. After some years, then he travelled through red sea and reached Tanzania. Spend a good time over there. He wants to explore India, that’s why he travel there was welcome open hearty by the people. There he also served as a judge. Spent almost eight years and then leaves for China.

After that he decided to move to the south, his this journey was such adventures, where he crossed the Sahara desert and visit African kingdom. After visiting and exploring Africa, he returned to the home.

When he returned to the home, no one believed that he visited more than 100 countries. He was asked to tell his travel story so a book can be published. After the publishing of his book, he becomes famous, and people start to know him. It was and unbelievable thing that he does in those times.

After his book named Rihla was completed and published, people come to know a little about Ibn e Battuta. His book has many interesting things about the different places he visits. A book which is recommended by many people to those who love travelling, and want to increase their knowledge about different places.


Ibn Battuta loves to explore different places. He marries more than once and had many kids. During his travel, he never buys anything for himself. He sees different cultures and learns many things from it. The great traveller of the world is an inspiration. He makes the history that nothing is impossible. He is the person who made his dream true. A simple man with limited resources travel and explore many countries. He is a true hero.

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