Are Facebook Apps successful as compared to Android Apps?

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Facebook apps are quite different from the normal Android apps. The diversity of the Android apps is too great than any other application but some application is required to perform their fundamental duty. The Facebook apps are one of those apps which are highly downloaded throughout the Android and people who are downloading facebook’s application. They are going to use this application for a longer period of time. Many Facebook users have admitted that Facebook oriented application development is quite useful as regards to normal other applications.

Following is a list of application that is Facebook oriented but they impact a lot when it comes to Facebook application.

Facebook Application

Since the introduction of Facebook society to the world as a social media. Facebook has been gathering users all around the globe. These users are now around billions. So Facebook started approaching other means of connection with the people who were not connected before the Facebook. The Facebook main application was later introduced to the world through smart cell phones. Now this application in the start was lot different and was used only limited cellphones.

But as advancement in technology increased, as cell phones started to advance over the years Facebook application became more reliable and something to count upon. Many wouldn’t believe that how drastic changes were made on the Facebook application so it can perform better. Finally, now Facebook has been considered as the standard application for every cellphone.

The best thing about Facebook applications like Ads manager is the integration with other famous networks like Instagram. If people buy instagram followers from this link and they have significant facebook likes on page, then the reach for the audience is higher. It is one of the benefit of facebook applications.

Mostly All the companies have already partnered with the facebook either they are android based or IOS based. This is a great leap taken from then and now. The team of Facebook is still working hard on improving the main application. The app is easy to function on both Android and IOS as well. Other Android application may have their own genre but the Facebook application is something that magnetizes one to itself.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger was developed later in the years but the best part about the messenger is that one doesn’t have to reach to the messages in Facebook app anymore. The messager act as a dedicated for just messages between the users. They are many changes were made and now Facebook Messenger has many things. The messenger can also be used to talk to local cellphone numbers. The person doesn’t have to go in their message box.

They can send messages to different local friends through the messenger. The just have to save the number. Facebook Messenger has been a blessing for many who were constantly working on the facebook and had to open message box of their cellphone everytime they wanted to contact someone. AS performance of the application on Android and IOS is both great. The application is light and easy to handle. The application has more than fifteen million downloads.

The user base of Facebook apps is going to increase because Facebook is not just a platform it connects the world together and provides a platform for those who require.

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